Kim DuBois

We all have the power within us to find happiness, experience true and lasting joy, and to change our lives. By examining our thoughts, beliefs, patterns and choices we begin to see how, like it or not, we create the circumstances of our lives over and over again. Change is possible. Happiness is our birthright, and can be attained, one thought, one belief, one step at a time. My goal as a hypnotherapist is to inspire others to find this truth.
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Where Is My Motivation?

I am sooo motivated today, and wanted to share it with you! I hope you find some inspiration... enjoy.

I Am Where I Am, and That's Ok!

Life is a journey, and wherever you are right now is just fine.

The Drive Home

Remembering the simple pleasures in life.

My Release

Not my usual blog... but I love to tell stories. It's a long one, but I hope you enjoy! “Sometimes, I like to turn the music up so loud it hurts my head.” He had a distant, far away look on his face.

Are We There Yet?

You’ve started this journey. You’ve worked every day to let go of the old stuff, the negative thoughts and unhealthy behaviors, you’re changing bad patterns and using affirmations every day. So how come you’re still not happy?

Arizona Immigration Law... oh my!

Ok, there's something I need to say about this new immigration law here in Arizona. We've been all over the news the last couple weeks, with marches and protests, and regardless of which side of the issue you're on, I want to point out how much negative energy is being generated.

What Should I Do?

We are very action oriented people. When things go wrong or seem to be out of control in our lives, we are plagued with the feeling that we have to do something in order for things to get better.

"... Sister I see you, dancing on the stage of memory. Sister I miss you..." I am often surprised at how a simple tune or a few lines of words have the amazing ability to reach me emotionally, at times eliciting feelings of great joy and empowerment, and in others bringing feelings of sadness or pain

Can You Wear It Across Your Forehead??

Often, out of fear, we hide what we have done.

I Am Still Good Enough!

Words of criticism can only hurt us if we choose to believe them. You are good enough!

Why do we become so upset and feel so angry when others make unreasonable requests of us? And why do we feel we must meet those requests, no matter our frustration?

This week I turn 40, and I’m actually excited! This is MY life, and I am not a victim to time, money, circumstance or age...

What Do I Want?

What do I want? Hmm… Do you know what you want? Do you wake up every morning fresh, excited and raring to go? Or would you rather roll back over and hide under the covers? ... But it doesn't have to be this way!

My own understanding and evolution regarding vision boards. From being very disillusioned (my first one) to feeling giddy with joy (the next one), this is my take on how to make them work!

Even though we aren’t Olympic athletes, perhaps we can take a page from the Apollo’s of the world. We are all capable of change. We are all capable of achieving, and we are all capable of winning. Maybe we should all let a bit of our ‘inner Apollo’ out and really focus on creating something spectacular for our lives.

I recently saw a link a good friend posted on Facebook. It took me to a website allowing me to view the only known photo album filled pictures of Jews imprisoned at Auschwitz during WWII. Initially I hesitated to view the album. Not because I’m squeamish or afraid of what I might see, but rather because in my heart, I want to do good

Letting Go

“I don’t care anymore. I am so sick of all this bullshit. I am tired of trying. Tired of failing. Tired of nothing ever working out for me. I really don’t care anymore.

My take on what the self-help books forget to tell you about doing this work.

"I may be new to the social media scene, but when did being polite become a novice mistake?" ...Thoughts and comments from a social media newbie.

I'm late getting my Christmas decorations down this year. I usually have them down the first weekend after Christmas, but I was busy this year, so I let myself off the hook and allowed for another week to get it done.

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