I am so motivated today! 
I awoke this morning feeling refreshed, excited, and eager to dive into the goals I’ve set before me. As I’ve moved throughout the tasks of my day, whether I was grocery shopping, exercising, writing or even choosing a healthy snack, the words that kept encouraging me were “I am doing this to create my life” and knowing that felt fantastic!  Tasks that have often seemed like drudgery and work have only added to my sense of anticipation today, as I own those words, “I am creating my life.”
I wanted to share this wonderful feeling with others, but as I thought of how to go about that I realized that even for me, motivation has been hard fought and fleeting at times. There have been days when ‘excited’,’ eager’ and ‘ready’ to do anything were the furthest thoughts from my mind. So what is the difference? Why does the motivation flow so easily for me today, but hasn't on others? I pondered this awhile, trying to discern what is so different right now, in terms of my motivation, my desire to reach my goals. 
The answer that came (from what I imagine to be that wise place within) told me the difference is in where the motivation is born. Is it coming from a positive place, like that of love for myself, or does it stem from something negative like fear or frustration?
For instance, you want to lose weight. You come home from the doctor’s office where they point out you’ve gained 15 pounds in the last year, your cholesterol is too high, your back is hurting more and more and none of your clothes fit. Frustrated, angry with yourself for letting it go this long, and jealous of his tiny size 2 receptionist, you vow to go on a diet. And with the pain of the office visit fresh in your mind, your motivation is pretty high. For a day or two. But soon, you’re back to all the old habits –you’re not going to see the doctor or his receptionist for another year…  you’ve got plenty of time!
And just like that, the motivation is gone.
But what if, instead of a foundation of frustration, jealousy and anger, you came from a place of love and compassion. Making changes because you love your body, not because you hate it. Because you love how good you’ll feel, not because of how much it currently hurts. Treating your body as if it truly were a ‘temple’, caring for it in the most loving of ways, versus feeling your body is an enemy that has betrayed you. Those are much more powerful motivators, because they feel good, and they only feel better and better with each healthy, positive choice you make. 
What are you trying to accomplish? How far have you come and how consistent have you been with your efforts? If the results are not what you’d hoped for, try to remember what motivated you to make the change in the first place. Was it something that lit a fire of inspiration inside you, or was it something that hurt, angered or embarrassed you? Let go of all that, and decide what you want in a positive way.
Having walked both these paths myself, I can honestly guarantee you will have much greater success, joy and satisfaction when the motivation comes from a good place. 
As always, it is my goal to uplift, inspire and help others to heal their lives. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this with you. -Kim