I recently saw a link a good friend posted on Facebook.  It took me to a website allowing me to view the only known photo album filled pictures of Jews imprisoned at Auschwitz during WWII.  Initially I hesitated to view the album.  Not because I’m squeamish or afraid of what I might see, but rather because in my heart, I want to do good.

I remember first learning of groups of people who deny the holocaust ever happening.  I was appalled to think that anyone could ignore this horrific time in our history.   More than that though, it hurt my heart.  It hurt me in a place too deep inside to name, to think that the atrocities and the suffering endured by these people could be so easily dismissed or disregarded.  When I’d hear others say “we must never forget” I’d wholeheartedly agree.  I believed with a passion that the best way to prevent these terrible patterns from repeating was to bring awareness to them.  That ignorance was what perpetuated the cycles of human tragedy, and knowledge really is power.  I felt I was honoring those lost by giving my respect and attention to them.

Having become a student of energy and the law of attraction, I have paid particular attention to my thoughts and feelings the last few years.  I have come to believe that the very things I focus on and give my attention to are the things that manifest in my life.   It is not only the thoughts we think, but the emotion behind them, that creates in our lives.  The stronger the emotion, the more powerful the creation, and it is the emotion, not the intent behind it that does the creating.  For example, I may really, really want to get out of debt.   But because I am drowning in it, I experience a great deal of fear, anger, bitterness and frustration each time I think about money.  Even though money is what I want, the thoughts that run through my head are ones of debt, lack and struggle, fueled by the negative emotions I have been feeling.   And the law of attraction states that since we get what we focus upon, I will continue to create a situation of debt, lack and struggle.  Not because I want it, but because I keep focusing my attention on it. 

And it was this I was particularly aware of when I clicked on my friend’s link.  Based on my older beliefs I felt compelled to view the album.  I felt the people in it, the lives lost, the horrors they endured deserved my respect.  But in paying that respect, based on the energy I was giving it, am I not myself contributing to the negativity?  It is my intent to be helpful, to be humble and to give honor, but those are not the thoughts that fill my mind.  Instead I am remembering stories I’ve read, movies I’ve seen, I am feeling pain at the atrocities I know have been committed, and no matter my intent, that is what my energy feeds. 

And I don’t want to feed that. 

If I could change history, I would offer love to these people.  But I cannot offer love when I am focused on their pain. 

In the end, I did view the album, but am not sure it was the best thing for me to do.  Even now, 2 days later, I am far more focused on the sadness I feel than the love I want to offer.  In no way do I want to contribute to ignorant denial, but in ‘never forgetting’ is it possible we are holding ourselves in a negative place?  Perhaps the wounds of humanity cannot heal until we let go of our anger, fear and sadness, and instead focus on sending the memories of these victims love.  Not love overlying guilt.   Not love mixed through tears of sadness.  Just love.  And nothing else.

How do we give this our highest energy?  It is not for me to say whether any one should or should not view the album.  That of course, is up to each of you.  The link is here.  Would love to know your thoughts, whether you view it or not.




As always, it is my goal to uplift, inspire and help others to heal their lives.  Thank you for allowing me to be part of that with you.  - Kim