Music heals my soul and has all my life. I am often surprised at how a simple tune or a few lines of words have the amazing ability to reach me emotionally, at times eliciting feelings of great joy and empowerment, and in others bringing feelings of sadness or pain.
My baby brother was murdered almost 15 years ago. During that time a song called Sister by the Nixon’s had its moment in the spotlight.
 “… Sister I see you, dancing on the stage of memory.  
Sister I miss you…”
After my brother died this song transformed for me. When I’d hear it, I’d imagine my brother watching me, seeing me and sending this song in that exact moment, to comfort me and ease my feelings of deep pain and intense sorrow. I loved that song and treasured every note when it played on the radio, imagining it was playing for me and me alone. 
This was in 1995, just before iPods and Mp3 players and when it faded from the radio as songs always do, it faded from my world as well. 
10 years went by and I never once heard or even thought of the song. But as fate always has it, one day on a ‘90’s Nooner Flashback’, there it was. My brother’s song. The one he would send for me to tell me I was loved and that I was not alone. I cannot describe how overcome I was with emotion. So much that I had to stop the car, as tears did not run but poured from my eyes, deep sobs hitching in my chest. I was instantly taken back to the days when the piercing pain of loss heavied my heart. But more than that was the love. The tears on this day were not for the loss, but for the love and comfort that was still there for me. For the joy and connection I felt, believing he was there, somehow still watching me, and sending his message of love once again.
Even now, simply writing those lyrics the tears threaten as I feel him, forever connected to me through this song.
Though today I could easily have it on my iPod, I don’t. To do so for me, would cheapen it. Instead I’ll leave it to Danny. To help heal my soul. May music heal your soul as well.
If interested, here is a link... I don’t mind sharing. 
As always it is my goal to uplift, inspire and help others to heal their lives.  Thank your for allowing me to be part of this with you.  - Kim