Red Light, Green Light!
By Kim DuBois
Published on 09/13/2011
You can change your life, one light at a time!


It’s only 13 miles from Germann to McKellips roads and there are 28 stoplights between them.


That’s a lot of stop and go.  Especially when the weather app on my phone said it was 108 degrees outside.  Feeling a heavy dread knowing I’d hit the rest of them red too, I thought wearily of all the lights that lay before me as the first light turned red.  I could feel the downward spiral of my thoughts ruining my good mood.

Stop this, I thought, taking control of my thoughts and my frustrations.  I wasn’t sure how much I could realistically hope to improve my situation, but I knew for certain that if I continued lamenting about how I’d have to stop for each one, I’d surely create 28 red lights.

Then I’m not going to do this.  I thought.  Instead, I’ll focus on turning all these lights green, just for me!  With that I set out imagining sailing through every light with a smile on my face, maintaining an easy, steady pace for my poor little car.

But alas, despite my positive fantasies, the first 5 or 6 lights were still red.  The come-to-a-full-stop-and-wait-2-minutes kind of red.  Grrrrr…   Undaunted though I kept at it, Smooth sailing, all green from here, was my mantra.  I had several lights to go.

I began to notice that the next 10 or se were turning green faster.  Though I still made a full stop, it was only a few seconds before the light changed.  See! It’s working!  I thought with encouragement.  I’m changing them around!

Always excited by evidence of the Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creation, I thought of a blog I could write, chronicling my driving success.  Before I’d even reached my destination, I imagined telling the story of how I worked all the lights to my favor.  The more I fantasized, the more excited I felt.  Quickly I could hear myself writing the words “… and from then on all the lights were green!”

By this point in my journey the lights were green within 150 feet of my approach.   Had there been no traffic I could have continued through, my speed unaltered.  But as there was heavy traffic I still had to slow a bit.  Even so, this was progress, evidence of what I was creating!

By the time I reached the last 3 lights it was indeed ‘smooth sailing’.  Those last, final 3 were just green.  No stopping, no slowing.

Feeling good, I did my business, but as I got in the car to leave, I decided I was taking a different route home – too many lights!

Now wait a minute!  I heard my own voice chastise, Do you really have so little faith in what you just created that you won’t test it going home?   Never one to back down from a challenge, I figured if I’m going to blog about it, I needed to see it through.  So I did.

I continued my experiment of creating continuous green lights, all the way home.  Admittedly they weren’t all green, but almost all of them were.  Even the ones at the freeway which seem to always trip me up.

Driving up then back again, I believe my focused thoughts did progressively gain momentum, which was very exciting to see!   The changes didn’t happen suddenly or all at once, but they did happen, gradually, one or two lights at a time.

It occurs to me that this is how change takes place in our lives as well.  It’s rare to decide one moment we will create something, and then have it before us the next.  But it does come, so keep your focus on what you want.  Don’t give up.  Whether it's school, a job, your body, a relationship, or anything else, allow the momentum to build and then watch the lights all turn green just for you.  It’s pretty cool.


As always it is my goal to uplift, inspire and help others to heal their lives.  Thank you for allowing me to be part of that with you. - Kim