I recently changed the mechanics of my running stride, so currently my hamstrings, calves and glute’s feel like they’re on fire when I run! 

It doesn't come naturally just yet, so right now I have to really focus on each step, remembering how I need to move.  I know it’s good for me though, as it will lengthen my stride, improving both my running time and efficiency.  More importantly, it will strengthen all those same muscles, giving more lift and shape to my backside!  (Woo hoo!)

But In the mean time, my back has been hurting for a couple weeks and my muscles are sore in odd little places, making it hard to do things like run or work out. Oh, and sometimes I just plain forget.

But that’s how it is with change.

It’s rarely easy or comfortable at first with the transition causing more pain and stress than it seems it’s worth.  Not only is it a challenge to remember and sometimes a struggle to maintain, but the real results are rarely evident right away. 

Stick with it though!  Each day do the best you can and give yourself a break if you need to back off a little.  It’s not all going to happen in one day, but every day you are getting closer.  Each day gets a bit easier, things start coming automatically, and soon you notice life is just better.  And that’s a good place to be.

Don’t be afraid of change, or of the transition through it.  It may not feel comfortable in the beginning, but that’s only because you’re not used to it.  Ease your way through one day at a time.  Let go your fear and keep your goal in sight.  It’ll be worth it in the end!

As always it is my goal to uplift, inspire and help others to heal their lives.  Thank you for allowing me to be part of that with you.—Kim