Love Your Money!

Do you love your money?  I don’t mean ‘I want to marry it’ kind of love, but do you feel good about it, knowing it’s a tool that allows you to have the things you want?

Or do you despise it, resenting that you don’t have enough, feeling that pang of dread every time you hand some over in exchange for groceries or goods.

I believe in order to create a healthy financial picture, you must have a healthy relationship with money.

And I’m not talking about greed.  Greed is placing a value on money that is unhealthy, making it more important than anything else in your life.  What I’m referring to is simply an excitement and appreciation for those little green bills, and what they bring to us.

First of all, it’s ok to want money.  (And then it’s ok to want even more!)  No one puts a limit on how much health you’re allowed to hope for.  I’ve never heard anyone say, ‘’you’ve got enough love in your life, stop wanting so much!” Abundance and prosperity are really no different.

 And it’s ok to want ‘a lot’ because there’s plenty to go around.  Just because the economy took a nose dive a couple years ago doesn’t mean someone destroyed a couple billion dollars, leaving a shortage of actual currency.  But when everyone panicked they stopped sharing it.  It’s all still out there, we just need to find a way to pry some loose again.

Money is (NOT) the Root of All Evil

We’ve all heard the saying, and some actually believe it.  But money is not evil, nor is it the root of it.  Not any more than a couch or an apple or a shoe.  Yet deep down, some of us fear being successful and profitable because of the things we learned or heard as children.  Please don’t believe it anymore!  Money is only a tool.  What a person chooses to do with it might be wonderful or it might be despicable, but the money is truly just an innocent bystander to the whole thing. 

Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!

To attract wealth and allow abundance into your life, I believe you have to start by loving it, not resenting it.  Appreciate the money you do have, the same way you’d appreciate a cool breeze on a warm day or a beautiful sunset on a remote beach.  It’s that, “Ah… this is nice” feeling.

 As crazy as it sounds, when you pay your bills, thank the money.  You may not have enough to do everything you want, but the amount you did have served you in a positive way, so send it some love!

When you drive to the bank to make a deposit, give that little fist pumping ‘Yesss…’ as you retrieve your deposit slip, feeling confident and secure.

Let go of the idea that money is the enemy and instead view it as a friend who is there to help you enjoy everything you want and need in life. 

Go on, love your money.  It is ok, and it feels good too. 

As always it is my goal to uplift, inspire and help others to heal their lives.  Thank you for allowing me to be part of this with you - Kim