Sophie Leigh
By Kim DuBois
Published on 07/5/2012
What is it about this newborn baby that has me falling helplessly in love? I ponder this as I hold my newborn granddaughter...

What is it about this newborn baby, whom I’ve never met, have never done anything for, and who has done nothing to cause me to, that has me falling helplessly in love? How is it that I am unable to turn away, completely mesmerized by simply watching her sleep? Why am I drawn time and again to look upon her precious face or to touch her delicate skin, while a warmth and a joy grows in my heart? How can I be this captivated upon our very first meeting with no history or connection between us? I ponder this as I hold my newborn granddaughter in my arms. I feel her weight resting against me, hear the rhythm and hitch of her breathing, watch the grimaces turned smiles that dance across her face and the pure innocence of the moment takes my breath away. She does not lie in my arms with muscles flexed, supporting herself, pulling away or bracing for a fall. She does not censure her facial expressions for fear of how she looks or how she’ll be perceived, nor does she look to me with any sort of judgment. She does not cry to gain or manipulate, but out of true need. When her needs are met she is happy once again, no grudges or resentment. She is absolute purity. She is completely trusting, open and allowing of herself and of me. Allowing each of us to be exactly who and what we are in this moment with no attachments, no expectations, no fears. Just purity. Pure love, pure acceptance, pure allowing. This is why we fall instantly in love. For in this precious baby lies the freedom and unconditional acceptance we crave yet so infrequently find. How wonderful to simply ‘be’. To just exist in a moment, loving and allowing all that is, trusting the perfection of that moment, content and satisfied… This is the love of God and the universe and right now it’s wrapped in a tiny pink blanket, weighing all of 8 pounds. Hello Sophie Leigh. Welcome to the world. I am so glad you are here. As always it is my goal to uplift, inspire and help others to heal their lives. Thank you for allowing me to be part of that with you. - Kim