Christmas 2012. And a new year about to begin. We have heard the earth had a near miss from fragments of a distant star. Each  dreams of better times but we know in our hearts how one day resembles the next and the next. And it almost seems that things do not seem to change. Anything. All things. The usual banter in the United Nations, the usual click and clack of politicians the world over. And the world turns, not so much in an even flow but more like a wobble. And each and everyone of us has the realization that time and time alone can heal hurt. That the more we think we know we find it to be less. Suddenly  the realization that we have barely searched the universe over and the ocean deep. Our medical frontier is light years from its wanted and needed greatness. Our faith is shaken daily and tested by all the cruelty in this world. Why were we born? Was it not to be good and do good and live good. And why oh why do some not know and realize the simple lessons from mother nature, from father time. Is it that we are just predisposed to our own indifference? Are we lacking and missing the real meaning of Christmas?
Things you cannot possibly buy at the store. And so it goes, and so it goes, another year gone, another yet to begin and we somehow need to search our souls - for those very answers deep within.
Bless you all this Christmas.