DEAR FRIENDS- It is a tragic fact- which calls for our deepest compassion and most penetrating insight- that millions and millions of us are so wounded that we will invest much of our precious life-energy to avoid encountering the emptiness we feel inside. Our culture and society teach us to fill the "hole in our hearts" by pursuing our desires for all manner of external "goods"- wealth, fame/attention, power, lovers, possessions etc.
None of us is to blame for this "inner void"- the ache of which can consume one's life and drive a person mad.
This painful emptiness was most definitely NOT there when we are born! It comes from disappointments- primarily the loss of love and connection in some powerful way- that occurred during the childhood years of our emotional development. The pain and emptiness of our overwhelming need for love is buried in the body and unconscious mind. And iike all of our unhealed and unconscious conflicts, we "transfer" the unfulfilled needs onto people, things- and philosophies.
I firmly believe that this is why books like "The Secret" are so seductive and attractive to so many. People are trained to believe that "filling themselves" with achievements and external "goods" will make them happy. So the hope and ideology that we can "manifest" everything we desire draws us like a moth to a flame.
If we look at the basic "psychological structure" of the "Law of Attraction" ideology we see that is essentially one of "needing and getting"- from the world outside of us- "The Universe". The primary image of this philosophy is that the universe is a Mother's Breast that will endlessly fill us with the milk of what we desire. The goal is "manifesting abundance".
But a focus on experiencing abundance- full-fill-ment- from external things/achievements/circumstances- is the flaw in the philosophy. Why? Because WE CAN ONLY ACTUALLY FEEL A STATE OF ABUNDANCE BY BEING FILLED UP FROM THE INSIDE- BY OUR OWN ENERGY, OUR OWN LIFE-FORCE. The strongest component of which is our endless inner reservoir of love.
When you face the void inside you- releasing the primal grief and disappointment that maintains its existence, and re-awakening the full flow of your own life-energy- you feel INTRINSICALLY FULFILLED. You feel abundance as an everyday sensation- whether you are rich or poor. And because you've found genuine happiness from within, the inner emptiness fades away and you become far less interested in "manifesting" abundance from external things.
So in the end this "New Age Religion" is largely an illusion and definitely a diversion away from the real inner work that sets us free.
Everything else that may or may not come to you is a blessing- but not necessary for healing your inner void and awakening lasting and lifelong happiness!
In reality we are always "attracting" the grace we need. (for more on this go to my latest blog entitled" Synchronicity, Grace and the Soul") Our own miraculous souls see to that! So let's re-focus our heart, mind and will on filling the void in our hearts with love- always starting with unconditional love for ourselves. I promise you that your happiness will surely follow- and everything else will take care of itself! LOTS OF LOVE- BRYAN