Changing Behavior

In order to help others we must first become comfortable with ourselves. We believe we find the comfort in ourselves from helping others, but sometimes life gets more complicated than that. Blog posts in this section are all about how we can adjust our lives, our  mental attitudes, our routines, on a personal level, so that we can achieve greater levels of personal satisfaction and thus increase our ability to spread positivity.
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~A walk Down Memory Lane~

~Gone are the days of the *Movie Camera* ...... But

~Why Wait ? Do it Now~

Life is so much a *Waiting Game
Ya pa, the hogs are out and I don't mean the ones in the barn....

Abuse of Elders

Have you seen that commercial on television of a big strong man shaking a small frail lady - his mom - and demanding money?


Sometimes it takes children many years to learn and accept and understand what it means to respect their parents....and that sitting in a bigger house with a bigger bank account does not have anything to do with the bond of love that God has always made available for those who truly open their eyes...

According to Wikipedia....accounts get hacked and compromised, back in November of 2011 some users found the images of themselves turned into porno images....


We hear those words frequently from politicians and others who want to avoid an issue and often those persons have actually failed - by not giving a comment. After all, a comment is a comment. It is moment of perception and words like thoughts, are subject to change....
Yes yes, everyone has a method, a plan, and sometimes the best made plans work well and sometimes they backfire....ask Mr. Big!! He pretends to be a crime boss and plays the part well....up here in Canada.
Experiencing a panic attack is a terrifying experience. Why do they come and how can I make them go away is most likely the question you are asking?

Release the Past

There are two ways to look at the unfortunate things that happen in our lives. One we can play the victim and blame the person who has wronged us. The other is we can be grateful for the experience, learn about ourselves, and change what is bringing these types of experiences to us.

Repeated Emotions

There is a way to clear away this reactive mind clutter and live a more peaceful life.

Stop Hiding And Be Who You Are

Accept the challenge, you don’t need to avoid people to avoid separation. The reason you feel this way is your higher self will not join you in your expression of your unauthentic self. That is where the awkwardness comes from. Every step of the way your higher self communicates with you letting you know when you are off track.
You can only see who you truly are through the eyes of love! The following exercise is a powerful way to permanently release your chronic shame/self-doubt and build up empowering self-confidence and unconditional self-love. I did this exercise every day for years. Slowly and surely it led me to major breakthroughs in my life. My therapy clients and meditation students have universally reported remarkable positive changes in their self-esteem!
Another news item. This time, two trucks collide. Seven people dead. And this is getting to be a trend. Something badly needs to be done about the infamous death highway to Ft. McMurray....

Let Me Eat Cake??

I don't know what it is about making healthy choices that will sometimes cause others to undermine, deflate and sabotage our fledgling efforts, but I do kow they will...

How to be a Great Runner

How to be a great anything, really.


Its always interesting and sometimes scary to hear some facts that someone somewhere has come up are a few....

The Roles We Play

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step out of your character and allow yourself to be who you really are? It can be painful to live in the confines of the person everyone has gotten to know and expect. These roles can be so dominant with in us that we are tricked into thinking that we are being ourselves when we are far from it.


You want to try something different? Well, don't wait for a specialty restaurant to prepare it for you - get brave, try shopping for a few exotic items and a reliable recipe book and you just might be surprised what could come out of your kitchen....
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