Are you wondering why you seem to have a pattern of feelings that just keep repeating themselves. Do you sometimes have a reaction bigger than what the crime calls for? These little gems hold some very enlightening information about yourself if you are willing to take the time to sort them out. The reason you have big responses to what sometimes seem little situations is because of what is stored in your unconscious mind, better known as your reactive mind. All these years every time you were hurt or upset those incidents were stored away in your unconscious mind. The conscious mind on the other hand is the part of the mind that is storing all your regular every day stuff. It is the part of your mind that is clear thinking and unemotional. It is easy to see in many of our troubled teens today. Someone taps them on the shoulder and they whirl around and punch you. It isn’t that moment that is causing that strong reaction, it is all the infractions linked over time that have built up and caused their explosive anger. There is a way to clear away this reactive mind clutter and live a more peaceful life. All you have to do when you feel your trigger trip is to take deep breath and go off to a quiet place and do this simple exercise. Close your eyes and ask yourself when is the earliest time I have ever felt this way. Very quickly you mind will be ever so happy to give you quite a list. Go over the list, remember as much as you can about each of the infractions. Keep going over from the earliest one to the latest one. Suddenly something amazing will happen. The list will disappear. Where did it go, why can’t you remember any of those incidents? It seems our minds are like little computers. Once we remember something consciously when we are not upset or stimulated our brains refile the incidents in our conscious mind, taking with it all the emotional reactions. You may have many different things that upset you, but little by little using this simple technique you will begin to unravel your anger, fear, jealousy, hatred, or any other negative emotions that you have been feeling. Each time you do it your response to them will get less and less. So, it is that simple, looking at upsetting moments while you are not upset removes them from your unconscious and files them in your conscious mind. No more outbursts or wondering why we are so upset about what appears to be such a little thing. Our emotions are funny things, they need to be recognized and validated. If they are ignored they get stronger and more persistent. You can never get rid of them by trying to pretend they don’t exist or suppressing them. The only way to calm them down is to let them be heard. When you take the time to listen, to allow them to speak to you by going over them in your mind they quietly go away.