Children grow up (or think they do) and sometimes forget to learn the importance of respecting their own parents. It takes much much more than a bigger car or a bigger house or a bigger bank account to learn the basic concept of respect.

Time goes by and sometimes it seems so easy to consider that success has been achieved and its time to tell our parents how to be more positive, how to be more intelligent, how to be more successful. Yes, it happens all the time. Children forget the very facts of life, the hardship and struggle it takes to not only have children but to raise them, to be able to give children the basic needs, education, etc. And then the parents get what they did not expect:
lack of respect and criticism. 

And its sad indeed when children grow up and determine they were more successful than their own parents, that they truly know the road to riches and poor ole mom and dad must not know anything because now the kids sit in a big house and drive a big car, travel the world and have more spending money. And poor ma and pa sit at home or manage the garden and must truly have forgotten all the right things and have become lessor people.

Yes, this happens all the time. Its something that requires patience and understanding from older people, who often look back and realize there are some similarities between their own lives and the lives of their parents. Or at least they need to do that. Life, after all, is a balancing act. We balance this with that, give a little and take a little. We try to be good moms and dads. But we are suddenly at the back of the bus with our own children seeming to lead the way. And this is often a sad situation when children are abusive towards the very people who worked so hard to provide kids with love and affection through the years only to arrive at this point and time when the children no longer accept the parents the way they are, but want them to change to become something else. And they cannot. For they are simply mom and dad. Just the way they are and need to be accepted that way. Just the way they are. And until children can do that - accept their own parents with all the warts and habits and perhaps more simplistic lifestyle, the children will not have come anywhere near to learning or having really achieved any kind of success.

Sucess after all is much more than that. And having a mom and dad who love us is really all we need to know and until children can accept parents the way they are - they will have truly forgotten the very meaning of love and happiness, which is so  very simple in its concept, that it sometimes requires an entire lifetime to comprehend. But the old adage of keeping things simple comes to mind, unfortunately the almighty dollar and the power it seems to provide often get in the way and our own children seem to forget about the road of life which eventually leads everyone to the garden of love where no man is less and everyone is equal and that is the road God truly intended for all to begin with.
Its not complex nor difficult to understand, but does require some  intelligence and most of all, the realization that Mom and Dads are truly special after all...

Have you heard people sometimes talking about their own parents and saying things like, Oh, I don't want to live like that, I want to travel the world and live in a big house, gosh I don't want to be like mom and dad. And we cry when we hear that.

But the circle of life will take our own children on a path that reveals how similar lives really are. Our parents or grandparents may have lived and survived the depression, may have come to the brink of desperation and experienced moments of hopelessness. But children do not want to hear these stories. Or want to forget them. Yes, replace those insignificant stories with expressions like - I will show them what success really is!! Ya right, and what about love. Where does that fit into the equation? Because without that essential link, there can be no success, only the cold pavement that lacks the warmth and hence leads families away from the road of meaning.  Love your parents. Respect them. Hug them. Tell them you love them.
And help them. They get old and sometimes yearn for the early years when they held you in their arms and told you how wonderful and amazing you were as little babies, as growing children. And don't forget such basics. Without this knowledge all is lost. Understand the circle of life and how it is  that we lack the real meaning of success when we neglect the bonds of love.  Don't forget! As the words of the song go: What about love!?