Just as we should exercise our democratic right to vote we should not fear making a statement about something (anything) where we feel a few words might be the beginning of change...or at least
cause us to use our brain to think about options in
our lives. And we have many options!

Don't you just hate it when someone says, no comment - which in itself, is a comment.

If we strive to organize our thoughts, take a deep breath and then speak, as though casting bread upon the water - likely the end result will be first of
- all feeling better that we spoke up and secondly just maybe - showing that we, at the moment approve or disapprove of something. No comment could well mean either, and its fickle.

Takes courage, it does, to speak out. And thats not to say we ought to blurt out our opinion on anything and everything, just that failure to do so might demonstrate that we failed in a given opportunity to add our words, our thoughts where they just might be helpful, in a positive or negative way - nonetheless our words.

In the final analysis, sometimes the only person that really cares what we said about something -
might well be ourselves. And if nothing else, it
probably takes more guts and courage to offer an
opinion than to sit quiet like an old table in a room.
And I would hope and think we aspire to be more
than an old table...

Just my thoughts....