Is there something you’ve done in your past that you can’t forgive yourself for? No matter how hard you try you can’t seem to let it go. There is only one thing worse than being in pain yourself and that is being the cause of pain in someone else. Recently I met a woman who had done something in her past that she continued to carry with her for over 20 years. She spent most of her time trying to be a good person by doing everything and anything that someone asked her to. She was worn out and on top of her old burdens she piled new burdens when she couldn’t do every thing everyone wanted her to. She became so wrapped up in being the perfect person that instead of following her own guidance she followed everyone elses. It is important to remember that in life we will meet people and circumstances that are a match or in agreement to each other. Although we don’t want to go through life hurting other people there will be times when this needs to happen for both parties to learn about themselves. It is through these challenges that we grow and break out of old patterns. Perhaps there is an affair in a marriage and the one who strayed carries a tremendous amount of guilt. The other partner who has been wronged is angry, upset, and of course feels betrayed. The missing part of the story are the details held inside the relationship. Perhaps the partner who was betrayed has low self esteem, feels not good enough, or has a history long before this incident of being victimized. Through the laws of attraction the universe will bring situations that will continue to remind this person of what lives within them. If somehow we can look at these experiences and try to not blame those involved, but instead receive the lesson they are offering to us. There are two ways to look at the unfortunate things that happen in our lives. One we can play the victim and blame the person who has wronged us. The other is we can be grateful for the experience, learn about ourselves, and change what is bringing these types of experiences to us. Both people have an opportunity to gain some very valuable insight. What ever it is that we seek to find from another is what we lack in ourselves. That little fling, being popular, being noticed, are all indicators that we really don’t think enough of ourselves. When we realize this then we can know that the one who has wronged us has really wronged themselves. It was never really about us at all. When you have something in your life that happens that feels like an injustice look a little deeper and try to find the message in it for you. Once you do this these situations will disappear and you won’t need to re-experience them over and over again.