Lets pretend. Now, what if you were a friend of a person involved in criminal activity. And you honestly did not know. But let us say, for the sake of being a friend you somehow took part in a situation where the outcome became a criminal investigation and lo and behold...you were named as someone of interest. Scary? Indeed it is and it happens all the time. For it is important to realize that police and investigators (not always the same) will utilize any method possible to take the bad guy down. Even sometimes pretending to be a crime boss. And in Canada the scary guy at the top happens to be Mr. Big (and you got it, not the chocolate bar). Mr. Big has a way of making friends with criminals, able to supply money and girls and drugs and become a friend. Until its time
to end the show and allow a few seconds of reality to sink in. Hmm. That friend was not a friend after all. But he did one heck-of-a job and got a conviction. It took some fancy meals, some gags such as showing off a bloody body (fake) in a trunk or someone getting shot (fake) but it worked.
And like it or not, the cops gotta do what they gotta do. And sometimes it works. And sometimes not.
The method has been controversial, something used up here in Canada and a Canadian Professor who heads up the pschology department of a well known university has prepared a speech entitled
Eliciting the truth by telling lies. And herein lie the problem with the Mr. Big tactic. It perhaps sometimes goes a liittle overboard and perhaps sometimes gets a conviction based on statements that may have come from pressure, stress and all the inducements that Mr. Big can provide.

Bottom line, Mr. Big and company claim that about 75 percent of persons of interest are either charged - or cleared.  And I suppose in the eye of the long arm of the law, the whole purpose is to be a guardian of society and to use the phrase, serve and protect.

So, if you are reading this and have an association with a group or friends that may be doing some nasty business...just maybe...Mr. Big has his eye on YOU!