Experiencing a panic attack is a terrifying experience. Why do they come and how can I make them go away is most likely the question you are asking? These waves of fear come and go and can vary in intensity. One thing is for sure, they get your attention. They should be called attention attacks. Let’s start with why do they come? Panic attacks come for several reasons, past experiences, and being in situations that you can see no way out of. Your body is an amazing computer. It keeps track of every experience that you have ever had. The ones that are tied into panic attacks are those that involve emotions and fear. Every time a person has a negative emotional experience they are linked in our minds by how much alike they are. For example, mom and dad go out for the first time and get a baby sitter, the child has never been separated from his parents. Suddenly he becomes anxious and afraid, he wants his mom and dad. The next time the child goes to school for the first time, again he is afraid, he has to leave his parents behind, the fear begins to magnify, now this time he is way more anxious and it is even harder to contain himself. Years go by and he is invited to spend an overnight with some friends, his mother drops him off and he becomes so fearful and anxious he can hardly catch his breath. No matter how everyone tries to calm him he wants his parents called and to go home. This is how a panic attack is born. It is a series of similar situations that are linked, the intensity builds and builds until there is the attack. The other common cause of panic attacks is being in stuck in a situation that you see now way out of. Times of financial ruin, divorce, loss of a loved one, are all life changing events than can cause a full blow panic attack. These are cases where we learn the lesson of acceptance and surrender. So what do we do about it? We recognize the magnificence of our mind and bodies to be so on watch for our well being that it intensifies responses every time we experience similar ones to keep us from harms way. In this way we can communicate with the fear. Tell it you understand that a situation has just come up is linked to the past and that you appreciate it looking out for you. Calm yourself down and look at the situation and assure yourself that although these situations may have similar components that they are different. Once you do this you will easily be able to control the fearful surges of adrenaline. So it is to know that your body is only intensifying feelings to be sure that nothing that has hurt you in the past has even a chance of getting by you this time. Knowing this you will gain a new appreciation and understanding of your emotions and how they are working for you.