DEAR FRIENDS- I know that most of you- if not all of you- have been struggling to be free and genuinely happy your whole lives. But you aren't there yet and are seeking the way to complete your journey home to yourself. In the service of your quest- one that we all share- allow me to offer you this truth with Zen simplicity. To be truly free a person must liberate their body, their breathing and their feelings.
This is how it works. The restriction of inner freedom and joyful aliveness- that is, our separation from our Core Selves- occurs primarily through the limitation of full breathing. The less we breathe the less self-connected and alive we are.
Why does our breathing become limited? For one reason alone- to suppress the pain of emotions that we experienced as children, for which there was no understanding and support.
The opposite is equally true. The more deeply and freely you breathe- that is, your average, habitual, unforced breath- the more fully connected you are to your body and soul, heart and spirit. The wave of your breath needs to escape the prison of its restrictions and once again bathe every cell with oxygen, prana- and love! The way you breathed when you were first born!
However- as you breathe more freely your life-energy gets unblocked and starts flowing and you feel the emotions that were buried so that you could cope and survive.
There is a "backlog" of emotions in your body. This is true for everyone. The more clearly and sharply you feel them, the more alive and self-connected you become.
There needs to be a great "emotional clearing" of your system. Don't be afraid of this. Express it all, hold nothing back! This great inner cleansing is the final step, the unturned key.
Eventually the painful feelings are resolved and gone- the anger, sorrow, fear, guilt and shame. And all that is left is the aliveness and the freedom.
Then a great peace comes over you, and the love, joy and creativity of your body and soul shine forth unimpeded!
The complete liberation of your spirit- of YOU!- requires totally releasing your breath, your body and your feelings. Makes sense- right? Let go of your fear of your own aliveness- your fear of your feelings- and you will feel happy just to be alive. Because being alive naturally feels wonderful when we are breathing free and carrying no pain. Guaranteed! LOTS OF LOVE- BRYAN