DEAR FRIENDS- It is clear from observing the never-ending stream of remedies peddled by the drug industry, and the decades-long discussion on TV, over the internet and in magazines, that millions of us are endlessly searching for sexual satisfaction that we never quite find.
This is truly a mystery! How can something as basic to our humanity as sex be such a problem for so many people?
There IS a genuine explanation for the loss of deep sexual fulfillment that so many of us are struggling with. To see it clearly we must grasp the governing connection between our capacity for sexual excitement and the overall flow of emotional energy through our bodies.
Simply put, this is how it works- if your anger or sadness is blocked and not flowing freely into expression and release; if you are in a state of tension from stored-up fear; or if any other core emotion (for example, the deep longing for love) is being suppressed- your ability to be sexually excited will also be suppressed. This includes your ability to freely and joyfully orgasm.
Why is this so? Because our emotions are just that: energy-in-motion. OUR CHI/PRANA/LIFE-FORCE FLOWS THROUGH OUR BODIES IN A UNIFIED FASHION. When the flow of life-force/emotional energy is significantly blocked in one area, the flow becomes less full and free in ALL areas.
Makes sense?
The practical truth of this is confirmed again and again in my work with my clients. I regularly hear reports that after the lively expression and release of a previously blocked emotion (usually anger, sadness, fear or the need for love) the vividness and pleasure of sexual feelings and orgasmic satisfaction noticeably increases. And this joyful excitement and fulfillment in sex grows and becomes permanent- the "new normal"- as the person's fear and resistance to his/her own emotions is worked through and the life-force flows fully and freely.
The example of how exciting "make-up sex" often is also illustrates how freeing blocked emotions lets sexual energy flow. You and your lover have been holding in feelings and have finally let them out. You've spoken from the heart, you may have even yelled and cried.
And what happens? The sexual heat and excitement you feel immediately afterwards, and the connection between the two of you is amazing! Because your emotions have been unblocked through their passionate expression, your sexual energy begins to flow freely (albeit temporarily....) also. Often with satisfying and happy results!
When we then add the truth that sexual excitement and open-hearted love need to blend and flow together for the most powerful pleasure and connection, we have the full picture of what it takes to heal our frustration and reclaim our inborn capacity for sexual joy.
And what is true about sex is also true about love. To the degree our emotions (anger, fear, sadness, longing, joy, happiness, affection) are suppressed, our capacity to actually FEEL- and enjoy!- our love will be diminished. The warm, strong, tender, beautiful physical sensations of love that make your chest swell and fill you up inside will be reduced to a faint echo of what lay beneath the block. When our feelings are cut off our experience of love is reduced to a thought in our heads- rather than a deeply moving sensation of physical and emotional pleasure. Because love, like all of our core emotions, is a deep energy flow through our hearts that we feel in our bodies!
Sex really IS as joyful, life-affirming and amazing as it's reputed to be. Test the truth of what I'm saying in your own bodies, your own feelings, your own relationships. I guarantee you will be happy you did! LOTS OF LOVE- BRYAN