I think generally speaking Canadians consider the native community as having an equal place in history and a place in time. The Native Culture is really quite interesting. So what is this Idle No More movement about anyways. Where did it get its start and how is it our once friendly native-brothers are blocking major highways and in some ways using tactics that almost appear to be intimidation to draw attention to their cause? And how exactly should the Government of Canada respond to this? It does get complicated.Not only First Nations but environmentalists and others sympathetic to the cause feel that Bill C-45 will severely cause harm to the waterways of Canada, that being the lakes, rivers & streams. And for lands there is the worry that lands could get taken away or at least utilized in a fashion that is not in keeping with tradition. But then again, these are not the 1700's or 1800's and there must be found a way to appease some of the requirements by the native brotherhood lest we face more petitions and blockades on major highways, in cities, in shopping malls and perhaps soon in our neighborhoods. I think it would be important to note that although there is an issue of rights - those rights also go to those of us non-native who really want and hope this idle no more movement does not become violent and change the whole picture of what the initial intent was!! Perhaps a compromise could be found, without giving way to one group being favored over the other. That might take time and I think First Nations need patience as do the rest of us Canadians. This is by no means an easy issue to deal with. But just as one Chief warned that Canadians might soon be unsafe walking out of their homes, it might well be unsafe for our native brothers to keep on stopping progress and in so doing create not only tension but a possibility of the protest creating unsafe conditions, where an emergency vehicle cannot pass and similar things that are out of everyones control. There has to be some reasonableness or we shall be looking at the PrimeMinister of Canada invoking the War Measures Act and that would be sad indeed. We need patience and compromise. Because if its simply deal or no deal....then, I think there is a problem? And I would like to hear from anyone on this, Native or non-Native. What do you think should happen with Bill C45 and this Idle no More movement?