Gun laws need to change. But how do you make a change when already so many guns sit in so many homes in America?  And would laws have prevented one sick individual from taking the lives of innocent children? Well, these are questions that are going to haunt many for a long, long time.

Up here in Canada the same question is going to be
taken under discussion. And needs to be!  We do not need to see a repeat or copy cat situation anywhere, anytime. And answers are so very difficult. You could easily arrange the most thought out plan in every school in Canada and the U.S. and still the ugly thought exists that somehow it is all related to a gun law.  And perhaps that would be a big step. But it would likely be a step in the right direction.

The big question: why do so many American homes in major cities need weapons? As they say about a fence, is it keeping something in or keeping something out?  And those who collect a large number of weapons might respond that their guns are safe, in storage, with the respective clip removed and proper licensed, etc.  Still, in the final analysis: It was guns that were used to end the lives of young, beautiful and innocent children.

So yes, its a starting point, a big crucial step to find a way to deal with guns and perhaps who should and who should not own them.

In the meantime, the world is watching as the future unfolds in Newtown. Everyone is praying, crying and asking why?

And politicians sit and debate gun laws!!