I have been coming to this site for 3 months now.  With the change in season it seems like a good time to review the summer and see what I have grown.  In looking over my posts I am curious about each subject and wondering about taking each one to a new level.

Throughout my life I have discovered that the same subjects and issues come up in an ongoing cycle. But each time they are approached from another level of awareness.  I have heard this process of changing behavior described as peeling an onion.  We go through our life one layer at a time.  I remember when I first noticed this return of something I thought I had changed.  I felt defeated and didn't understand why it would ever come up again.  Then I began to see that it wasn't exactly the same issue and that I had learned new ways to approach it.  Rather than feel defeated I found myself empowered with a sense of strength.  It was just another layer in my journey through the adventure of discovery.

I believe my posts are reflections of that same journey.  The subjects are some that I have journaled about for 50 years.  Same subject, very different prospective. So I want to take each one and see if there is anything to harvest from it.  Has it changed with the shift in energy we are experiencing?  I'll let you know.