When I decided to join in the experience of blogging and then found this site  began to think about what to say.  What I realized was how much I would need to change to actually register and enter this.  Clicking on that button represented a kind of internal change.  I often think about doing some little thing, like sending a card, but life is busy and I ignore those little urges too often.

What I have realized I need to change most is my idea of how unimportant I am; how little I impact the larger world.  I believed that those little things might be nice but weren't that important.  My heart knows differently.  I may not be able to stop a war or feed the hungry masses but I can say thank you.  I can make a difference in one person's life by taking the time to smile at a stranger, send a card to a friend, or do any of the little things my heart asks me to do.

Change is often about taking a risk.  Writing this blog is that kind of risk.  Maybe I don't have anything to say that rates as important but then again maybe it isn't what I say that is important but that I am willing to say it.  So instead of writing pages and pages of thoughts that come to me and keeping those thoughts inside a file cabinet that will never be opened I am going to share those thoughts through this new communication tool.  I am going to allow myself to change. I am going to share and find out who I am.