The Cliff of my Mind
By Anita Dpacifichi
Published on 07/11/2009
A journal entry, maybe a prose poem, just some thoughts


My journey through this life has taken me many places.  Some were physical where I met new people, experienced different cultures and explored some of earth's treasures.  But the journey of my mind has been my greatest adventure.  I have plunged down waterfalls of ideas that lead me to bizarre conclusions.  I have clung like rock lichen to some of my ideas until I was as crusty as the stone.  But once in awhile I have stood on the edge of an idea, held it in my heart and stepped off into  the thin air of possibility.  Free fall down the rabbit hole with gravity tugging me earthward.  Maybe this time I would literally crash and burn.  It's always a chance, you know.  But so is flying if I hold my arms just so.

Early in my search for definitive answers I felt like I crashed more often than I soared.  The idea could hold me for awhile but then I could see a hole here or there.  Another prospective peeked in and the idea became no longer absolute truth.  I was a failure at this search for truth.  But something changed each time I embraced a new idea, a new possibility of finding truth.  Once I had dusted myself off and recovered from the pain of failing I discovered a new layer of myself.  Some treasure I had hidden away inside me, a little tolerance for someone else's idea and story.  I finally realized my search wasn't for the answers but for the soul satisfaction of challenging myself.  How much of me was I willing to see. 

I stand at the edge of the cliff, embrace my new idea in my heart and step of.....