I spent the last week trying to find  a way to express the outrage and frustration I am feeling as an ordinary citizen.  I also realize this is not a venue about any particular country or politics, but I must bring my voice to a place where it can prompt a deep questioning look at change.  The premise of this site is encouraging a postive change.  What we must realize is that change is inevitable.  We are always in a process of change.  Some changes happen as a natural cycle and our choice is to find a way to be at peace with that cycle.  But other changes are influenced by our thoughts, beliefs and choices.

It is that change that I am addressing with this blog of my personal opinion.  I'm aware of an atomsphere of disillusionment prevalent in the ordinary population.  So many of our systems are on the edge of failure.  There is also a sense of unease about public safety.  It has become normal to have a police presence in our schools, to accept the idea that it's necessary to limit civil liberties.  The list of issues is long and complicated.  And as those issue are addressed and solutions proposed they present another set of problems.

My objective is not to present another solution or to make more accusations.  I needed to remind everyone (and especially myself) that our government officials are not elected on the basis of intelligence or ablility to think clearly.  Being in a position of power and authority does not mean one has wisdom.  Yes, there are systems of checks and balances.  One of the most important of those are us, the general public.  We have the right, the obligation to oversee and respond to those we have elected to govern us.  If we don't chose to do that we are chosing to allow the power elite, the lobbyist, big business to be the influence of choice.  It's more comfortable and easier to just stay in our own little world and believe that our voice has no power.  If we continuue to believe that we will one day hear that haunting question, 'How could such a smart, advantaged people stand by and allow such atrocities to happen?"

We are not governed by a benign philosopher king.  Our officials come with their own personal adgendas, but they were elected to serve us and act as our voice.  They must hear our voice before they can respond.  Individually we may not appear to have much power, but collectively we have the wisdom to see through the fear and ignorance and help our officials make better choices.  Let's bring the voice of reason back to our decision making.