Being part of the problems we face in our world involves finding solutions on a personal level.  The steps we take in each of our individual lives become larger as they ripple into the world. Part of this change is the help a person receives.  But each individual step is also a change in the consciousness of the whole.  It becomes part of our worldview, what we believe our world is about.  That is why we are all part of the problem.

At one time people believed the world was flat.  This limited how they reacted with that world.  Not many people were willing to question the maps and so, "Here Be Dragons", was as good a possibility as, "Here Be Abundance".  We now know the world is round and we can travel all the way around it without falling off.  But in some ways we still believe "Here Be Dragons" and are afraid of cultures we don't understand.  We're afraid to share because we don't see the map saying, "Here is Abundance".

Our worldview has changed in my short 62 years.  I cried the day Dr. King was killed but his dream remained alive and rippling across the consciousness of a nation.  One step at a time we will begin to believe that we do have enough to share.  That there is no reason to fear someone who looks different or believes in a different religion.

Yes I am part of the problem but I can also envision a dream where change is an adventure rather than something to fear and resist.  And the ripples begin....