While I was deciding what I wanted to write about this week I realized that everything we do is based on motivation.  Often we think of motivation as something positive, like a speech or reward used to give us a desire to do something.  The reality is that we are being motivated on many levels every day.  When we aren't aware of how we can be manipulated we give our ability to make choices away.  If we are reacting to a politican, parent, teacher, or our own little voice using fear to motivate us to behave a certain way we are allowing that person to limit the choices we have.

Every where we turn someone is trying to motivate us.   Even the news we listen to often has a motivating factor.  It may be facts but those facts are arranged with an agenda under them.  I'm sure you can find your own examples of how you were motivated today.  With that in mind I want to remind us all to listen with discernment to everything, especially our own voice.

As I looked at motivation I also knew that each of us is writing because we want to provide that motivation.  Today I want to remind us that we have choices.  How we make those choices depends on our background, what we've experienced, and what we're willing to learn about our own motivation.

Each of you is special, a unique individual doing the best with the information you have at this moment.  So just for today celebrate yourself, honor your specialness and be okay with the choices you've made.  You can always make another choice tomorrow.