Each time I sit down to write I have this explosion of stories that want to be heard.  These are stories about communication, our connection, responsibility, empowerment, simple kindness.  Each one has a voice but they aren't stories with characters that have a moral or even a storyline.  They are ideas and concepts, intangible children that live in my mind.  I may be reading a book or listening to someone talk and a word or sentence will trigger this expansion.  My mind suddenly knows something in a way that it hadn't before.

The concept of blogging was one of those explosions.  I am not computer literate and had no idea what the term blogging meant but it triggered something inside me.  I saw the lines of this form of communication reaching and connecting with minds everywhere.  That seems simple and fairly easy to understand.  But also with this expansion I saw that connection as a reflection of our deeper connection.  It was an intuititive sense that I had felt those butterfly wings creating the energy that would become a wind storm in a far distant land.  It's not just that the words will go out over the internet and connect with someone but that the connection itself would be felt.  By the attempt to post such an idea that we are intrinsically connected we become that connection.

Every word posted here is the energy of change.  It is impossible for that not to happen.  Every word we speak or even think has the power to change the world.  It is our obligation to understand this and to also own what that change might bring.

Sometimes I believe that I know what is right.  But then I remember that I can only see from my prospective and what may be right for me today could lead to some unseen experience tomorrow that isn't so right.  I may not have all the information. I may not be able to see the larger picture.  Each year I find I know just a little less than I thought I knew last year. 

I believe we are connected in ways we cannot fathom with our intellect and that we each change our world one idea at a time.  I also believe not one of those ideas is the ultimate truth so I try to leave a little space for change each day.