As I began writing these blogs I challenged myself to take risks and to express some of the ideas that are changing me. Three weeks ago while I was reading I had an insight into the concept of prayer.  As I continued to process this insight I received some validation to keep going.  Then yesterday I decided to write this particular post and about half way through I went for a walk and met a young woman.  She wanted to talk about her religious beliefs and to pray for me.  My blog became a living experience.

For me prayer had been something one did according to a belief system or religion.  I had seen people use prayer as a begging bowl.  "Did I have pain or need something?", the young woman asked.  I have also experienced the power of prayer to heal and perform miracles.  My grandson, years ago, swallowed a quarter and would need surgery since the doctors couldn't locate it.  I mentioned this to a friend and she spread the word to her prayer circle.  The circle grew and the quarter disappeared.  No surgery, no quarter, just the power of prayer by strangers.

But now I also saw prayer in a larger context.  What if prayer is the function of that voice inside our head?  What if our thoughts in some way do manifest our reality?  What if ego has taken over that voice because I believed I was separate from the whole?

Prayer is a tool for transformation.  By bringing my voice back to focus on its wholeness rather than its feeling of separation I change how I see the world.  Each thought I have is a wave going out into the mind of the whole.  Every thought I have is a prayer and contains the seeds of my intention.

There is actually enough food in the world for there to be no hunger.  Our prayer isn't for more food but for us to realize we have enough.

With these thoughts in mind when the young  woman asked if she could pray for me I simply answered, "Pray for grace and her power."  The young woman hugged me, told me her name was Grace and returned to her run.