Once upon a time people thought the earth was flat.  In my lifetime I've watched public opinion move Rosa Parks from the back of the bus to the White House.  It is a journey taken one step at a time.  Sometimes those steps appear small or  even non-existent.  Sometimes they are a step on the moon.  The size of the step doesn't matter.  The stops along the way are just places to visit.  It is a journey without a destination.

The journey is an experience in consciousness.  It is a journey where I practice my art of expressing that consciousness.  I believe in myself and what one person alone can acheive.  As I gain skills in that acheivement of separation I begin to see that I am not alone.  Each step I am taking on this journey is being taken by all of us.  I may be the one stepping from the back of the bus but it is step that walks into the front door of the White House.

The journey doesn't stop with me learning to express myself as an individual.  I believe in myself and that my acheivements are the acheivements of society as a whole.  I am on a journey that has no destination.