I've now spent some time reading the blogs that have been posted to this site.  Each one has spoken to me from its personal prospective.  I think this site was created because someone had a dream.  My sense is that it was a vision of a world where people reached out to each other with kindness, to help, and to support.  And now that dream is a reality.  This is such a place.  It took courage and the strength to be vulnerable to bring this dream into being.  I'm sure it is a lot of work to maintain.  But our dreams are the work we do.

Every person I know has a dream.  We each hold a vision of our world and our place in it.  And that dream is the purpose of our life.  I think we get confused and believe that we are stuck with the reality of our situation.  We see our dream as an end result and are overwhelmed.  But each dream also holds one small step that can easily be done.  That one step becomes a journey into our dream.

As I read each blog I see that dream begin its journey.  And I stand in honor to each person reaching out for her vision.  Take one step today toward something you want.  You don't need to do it all at one time.  One step into the reality of living your dream.  Put your hand out and show someone what you need.  You just might receive it.  Open your heart to someone whom you know needs something.  You just might be able to give it.

This site can stand as a mirror for a vision of a world where dreams are fulfilled.  Thank you all for bringing it into being.