When I started posting on this site I had some vague idea of what I was doing.  I became very sporatic with my writing because my lack of clarity allowed me to believe my voice wasn't important.  I had some expectations and needs that were more about the response than about the voice itself.  All of my blogs have had positive response and many kind comments so where was my expectation?  What I've begun to realize lately is that my voice and need to have that voice heard is my goal and what is important about blogging.  Each person on this site has a voice that needs to be expressed. Convincing someone to agree with my opinion is a good exercise in logic and persuasion.  But my voice, and everyone else's, is important beyond that logic and persuasion.

So I have come back to my intention with a new clarity and committment.  I see my postings as my voice in dialogue with itself as it evolves and learns aobut itself.  It's not a blog about some world issue but a personal response to that world.  Some days it will make sense, some days I will fly outside the realm of common sense and logic.  There will be only one ongoing topic, although it will look like many.  That topic is my expression of the world I experience.  When I hear a bit of news that ignites my passion I will bring that response to my writing.  I will connect my voice to the chorus of voices I hear on this site.  I care if people listen and want to share some of my wisdom and lots of my folly, but ultimately I understand now that I am writing because I need to for me.

I can commit to submitting something each week so if you're nteresed I will be here every Monday with my rambling thoughts>