I've been having this  strange notion that most of us are products of our memories or the labels we received early in our development.  To function on a productive level we have all learned to filter the vast amount of information we receive each moment.  Our brain can and does process this information so quickly we are not even aware it is happening.  When we are very young we experience our world without being able to name it.  We then learn to associate certain labels to these experiences.  We have begun to build a mental file that we will use to judge our experience.  If I labeled a situation good, bad, possible, impossible, etc. I am setting my filter to remember this label in association with any similar situation.  Unfortunately I was young when I formed these labels and without much insight into the world I was labeling.  So I accepted the labels I received form others without questioning the accuracy or wisdom of those whom I allowed to become my judge.

Now as a thinking adult I must reawaken my filter system to allow new experiences.  Otherwise I just continue to revisit that old experience over and over.  Someone once told me,  " You can either relive 1 year 40 times or let go and live 40 years 1 time.  When I react to a situation form my past experience I am just having the same experience over again.  When I think I can't do somehting I am just remembering a time when I was either too small or told I couldn't do it.  When I am afraid I need to remember what it was I use to fear rather than believe I am afraid now.  I have more information now.  Maybe I am more than I thought I was.  Maybe I want to have each experience be fresh and new. 

How about you?  Want to relive one year over and over or live each year one time?