I'm part of the problem that faces our world today.  I have a comfortable life.  I'm basically nice to people I encounter. I haven't beat anyone up or taken anyone else's belongings.  I don't even have road rage and am willing to stand in line at the post office and grocery store.  But I am still part of the problem because I am part  of the world.  If I want a kinder world I need to be a kinder person.  If I want to see change in my world I need to change myself.

I can listen to the news or look around my city and say, "Why are they acting this way?".  But the truth is there is no they only us.  I know there are hungry people in my immediate area but I also throw away enough food to feed one, maybe two, people.  I am part of the problem because I can't figure out how to get that wasted food to someone in need.  I use 2-3 slices of bread and the rest molds.  But opened bread is not useable at a food bank.  Can I change enough to find a way to share?  Can I become part of the solution rather than just noticing there is a problem? 

I intend to post a notice in my apartment complex and see what response I get.  I thought of this so long ago but as always I didn't feel  comfortable following through.  Now I have voiced my thought and given it the power to move forward.  I'll let you know how it works.