First off I wanted to extend my love and gratitude to all of you who read blogs here and write blogs as well. I have been absent for a bit as I have relocated and living in the profound beauty of Alaska currently for the next six months. I am now settled and ready to go forth and keep spreading joy.

Ten years ago I began a journey of both inner and outer healing.  I became a Certified Massage Therapist and Health Counselor and during the course I became aware of the impact language has on our own healing process.  The thoughts that pass through our minds can also have an effect on others particularly when we are those who do healing work.   I became more aware of light and how by working on someone else and anchoring on a physical pain, or even asking where it hurt this can slow up the healing process for someone.   I learned that when you speak to someone else in positive words and language you are assisting in their personal healing process.   We are only mediators, and the recipient is actually healing themselves through their own thought patterns.  This modality of healing enabled me to heal some past physical and emotional wounds in a profound way.  In addition affirmations are also a tool of healing. By changing our own thought process we truly can make change.

I honestly feel that when we heal ourselves we helping the planet to heal.  It is not only through our physical and tangible efforts that we heal Mother Earth, it is the healing of our own soul and spirit that will create true change.