My life has recently taken me into new directions so it has been awhile since I have written a post here. In any case I am currently on a journey traveling in Mexico and Central America, doing volunteer work, and living in a place where time is no essence.  When I began this journey my intention was to go straight to Costa Rica and volunteer at a Wildlife Sanctuary there.  For various reasons and due to some instinctive gut feelings, my trip has completely transformed into something else.  Right now I am in Lago Aitilan in the Central Highlands of Guatemala.  A truly magical place, steeped in Maya traditions and surrounded by ancient volcanoes. I discovered a place in Northern Guatemala near Tikal National park that was a Wildlife Sanctuary devoted to rebuilding the very depleted Scarlet Macaw population and doing Wildlife Rehabilitation and rescue.  I immediately contacted them, and spent a week volunteering at the center.  Volunteer work is very gratifying particularly for a cause such as this.  The center did have a small fee as they housed you and gave you three meals a day.  The work was grueling and a great deal of sweat, yet I knew in my heart I was doing a good thing.  I have always enjoyed volunteering and for many years have given my time in this way, mostly to Wildlife and environmental causes.  I endured several mishaps such as falling in the mud during the afternoon monsoon rains, having a Guacamaya (Macaw) grab on to my arm as I was giving out their food and not letting go of me, leaving me to bleed half the day.  Despite the immediate pain, this only made the adventure more interesting as well as a good story.  I honestly feel when you give yourself unconditionally with no agenda that life's offerings and abundance returns to you magically.  Next week I am going to Animal Aware, a non-profit animal shelter outside of Antigua Guatemala for two weeks.  She houses some 270 dogs and cats, so again I will provide what ever service is needed.  Then in mid December I return to the Yucatan in Mexico to do something similar.  I strong suggest that when ever you can,  do some humanitarian work and volunteer. What ever your interest or passion is find a way.  It is also a great way of traveling in a different way.  To be able to help in developing countries is a gift in itself.