I have learned through the years and through personal experience that the only change that truly occurs is from within.  We think we can change the way others think and strive to make a difference, yet the only time that change is effective is when we look deeply at ourselves, our values and make the change from within. 

If you believe in something that is important to you, or a cause that you want to support, Walk your talk. Many times I have come upon others who simply our projecting their own feelings on to others.  I for one, have learned not to take what others say personally. I have learned to stay true to my heart and follow my intuition. For years my family would lecture me about choices in my lifestyle, as I am a free spirit and go where my heart calls me to go.  I would gracefully listen to their words, and acknowledge the love I had  for them, yet I still followed my own instinct.  Their words could not change the way I felt about a situation. Trust and faith also come into mind when it comes to change.  So many times we do not trust our own instinct and allow the opinions of others to shift our thoughts and decisions.  Yet, when you really think about it, others are projecting their opinions towards us. It is really not about us, it is about them.  So, I say that in order to make change globally , we must consciously change within our deepest core first. I find as long as I listen to my own intuition and trust this decision all will be fine.

So often in relationships we end up changing for the other person. We then lose ourselves and are no longer true to our heart. We become them and their ideals.  No one can change someone else. We are all unique beings who come to this planet with our own personal makeup design. When you allow others to change you, you are lying to yourself and no longer have an identity, that is what I believe.  Keep in mind, all of this is my opinion, yet I feel that from within my heart that this is a common pattern that many people follow.  Finding the path to be content with yourself is a journey.  This has taken me many years to accomplish, and I feel I have succeeded in staying true to my personal path. Coming to terms with self confidence is part of the journey.  Change is an important part of our growth cycle, yet that change should be coming from within, not because someone else thinks you should dress different or dye your hair black. I still struggle with the values of some people's thinking, yet in reality it is not my place to force them to change.  They will only rebel and resist. So just put that concept in your mind, and always remember to follow your own instinct and trust that it will all be fine.