Have you ever had an animal or bird follow you?  Do animals inspire you to create?  What animal came to you today?

I write about this, because animals come into my life and teach me new ways of being. I am very blessed and lucky to live in a beautiful place, The San Juan Islands of Washington.  I live against the Salish Sea, which is teaming with wildlife.  Even though we are challenged with pollutants and toxins, there is still an abundance of beautiful birds and wildlife to watch and follow.

Animals teach me so much, and I listen to their ways.  One in particular that gives me so much hope is the Bald Eagle.  They have come back from the brink of extinction and continue to thrive and prosper here on Orcas Island.  An Active Bald Eagle Nest is literally steps away from where I live.  Every day I watch them soar high above the sea, and here their calls early in the morning.  To many Native Peoples, Eagle is the highest form of spirit you can attain.  Bald Eagle is a religious symbol to Native Americans.  I feel so blessed to live amongst them, as well as having had worked and cared for injured Bald Eagles when I lived in Alaska.  So for me, seeing them soar up high, I begin to envision  myself flying high above the mundane levels of every day life.  In fact all birds for me, represent the ultimate form of freedom.  I quiet my mind, and just let myself go and soar.  I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate and have gratitude for their healing medicine.  They are survivors as I am, and have come back from the days of DDT.  They seize opportunities when presented to them.  They adapt to different environments and also mate for life.   I see all animals as teachers.  Watch them closely and see what animal will teach you something today.  Allow yourself to let go and be free like a bird, or give unconditional love to someone like your dog would.  For me they are the true teachers and healers and I am grateful for them everyday of my life.