One of the most powerful healers is Mother Nature Herself.  Stepping out in the early morning and watching that glowing sunrise with colors of gold and purple, those colors are magical to the eye.  The sweet smell of Blossoms coming alive, and the scent in the air. Trees are very powerful. When I look up at the tallest firs and see these amazing trunks that can be a couple of hundred years old it amazes me.  I love to stop and just take in the simple pleasures and paying attention to the activity. The Birds Singing and chirping, or the loud kwonks of the Raven Speaking very clearly to me. It is a gift to stop and smell the rose and marvel in the little things that really do matter. It is not the fancy cars, and owning 4 houses... It is really the small and simple little things that so often we can take for granted.  Now, when I take walks, I find myself looking high up into the branches for a perching bird or an Eagle flying overhead.  I feel so blessed to be able to live in a place where I can see this daily.  This is my comfort, this is my bread.  It is like sugar on a cane, so sweet and divine.  Animals are healing and bring us special messages,  so when we stop to listen, open your heart, your eyes and your ears and you will receive a very magical gift.  Feel gratitude for these things and appreciate the simplicity of life.