Powering through the Tough Times
By Spiritoftheraven Dancer
Published on 12/20/2009
empowerment healling keep on going perserverance personal power surviving

My personal philosophy is when the going gets tough, just keep on going.  Powering through the tough times enables you to become stronger and able to conquer any challenges or obstacles in your life you may encounter.  It gives you the ability to get through difficult situations and keep on pushing ahead.  I know exactly what you are thinking, easier said than done.  Yet when you really focus on a positive result and have true faith that all will turn out fine and then suddenly it miraculously does.  As though some form of magic intervened and the course was changed for the best.

For some it is easy and others maybe not as easy.  One of the tools I use is to focus on my heart energy.  I imagine a glowing green light that I send out the world and also receive.  Green is a healing color and also symbolizes abundance.  When I see and feel that all will turn out fine, and trust this, it works miracles.

Having trust  and faith are key ingredients in healing through difficult situations.  As soon as you choose to stop and sulk, it holds up the progress.    Recently I was watching Oprah and was very inspired by a woman she interviewed.  The woman survived a plane crash and she had burns over 80% of her body.  What are the chances of survival with such severe injuries.  Amazingly she made it.  With her own personal willpower, and the support of a very loving family she pushed through three months of being in a coma and made it.  She mentioned seeing a vision while she was in a coma, about her  seeing her children grow and what impact her leaving would have on them.  This was an incredible woman, despite all odds, she pulled through and is setting an example for all whose faith is tested during these situations.   I can share that I too have had faith and the will to overcome a lot of personal tragedy in my life.  Parental loss when I was young, the loss of a dear pet and friends. Yet I knew deep down I had a lot to offer the planet.  I am very blessed and grateful to have this inner faith and keep pushing ahead.  I believe that as we heal ourselves we also heal the planet.  It is not about the external action we take, it begins with the internal.  All of this positive energy can generate healing for the entire world. 

So today feel empowered and know you have a lot to offer, through kindness and a loving heart.