Mom's been in Heaven now since August 19th.  I bet she's happy up there.  I can't wait to see her again, and my family members, and everyone else.  What a place...How I long for that day!

Mom was 91 when she entered into Heaven.  I really missed her this year on my birthday...She always called me and sang "happy birthday to you".  I found the card she gave me last year.  As I looked it over and over, big drops of tears fell from my eyes.  Mom was practically blind, but bless her precious heart, she tried so hard to write loving words to me on that card, and every card she sent.

She tried so hard every day, just to live, just to get by.  But she was a fighter, and she fought until she had a stroke that paralyzed her right side.  Then that little spunky lady couldn't utter a word.  It broke my heart, and still does...It's something I wish I could forget.

But I'll always remember that big smile she gave me when I came through the door to see her, to be with her. 

I'll treasure it.

Momma would want me to be happy for her.  She let go, and let God take her Home. 

She loved to make quilts for the poor with the sewing--circle ladies at church.  She loved to cook great meals and have company over.  She was always busy, doing for others.  Family meant the world to her.  She never forgot a birthday, or an anniversary. 

There is no one that can take Momma's place.  No one, indeed. 

How I love her...And I always will.