The following is a brief account of someone I've known, (I'll call him David).  It's my hope that those who read this will be blessed:

David's the director of a battered women's shelter called "Safety House".  This means the world to him because he came from a background of abuse.  He often works long into the night, making sure every one has everything they need.  If they're hungry, he'll fix something for them to eat.  To comfort a weeping child that's afraid, he offers kind words and a cuddly teddy bear.

Those that come in are like family to him.  He never forgets a face or a name.  And when they leave, he makes sure they're safe, and he stays in touch...

When I talk to him about "Safety House", he smiles.  He tells me that in giving---life brings joy.  In comforting---life brings hope.  And most of all, in caring for someone who's hurting---life returns a thousand-fold what he's given to them.