Hey friends,

Blogging in my case is going to be a great healing factor.  I've often heard that "writing things down" helps one to heal.  So, I'll give it a try...

I updated a little bit of my profile, in that "I am passionate about life---because I'm still learning"!  We do learn from hardships.  We do learn about them through the kindness of people who are there for you in difficult times.  Those who will listen when you need to talk.  And this, by the way, is one way I can talk. 

Thank you for listening...

Today is a new day.  Each day will get better.  After losing Mom, my grief is beginning to become less painful.  I know I grieved greatly when she was suffering, listening to her on the phone, and wondering when the time was right to get up to Wisconsin to be with her. 

But you know, I can look back at everything, and see God's Hand.   When I needed people to help, they were there.  Kindness flowed from their hearts, into mine. 

I've also learned through the pain, that people can be wonderful.  Without them, we would be alone, lost---and the void of a loss would break us. 

I'm bouncing back.  I'm actually looking forward to each day.  I feel the presence of God, and I feel Mom is with me.  I feel her love so very much. 

And my heart is comforted by that.

Yes, life can throw us challenges, and sometimes I really think as we near the point of being totally crushed, we can make it.  I think I've become stronger through this loss.  Now I have learned what is really important.

I've changed.  I'm more patient than I used to be.  I've learned that material things aren't as important---people are. 

Always tell the ones you love how much they mean to you.  Share your love.  Speak about your love.  We all need it, my friends.  We all need to know that someone cares. 

Don't wait for a loss to teach you that most important lesson.  I know now that loving and kindness are the best gifts we can give freely.