Once he was a little boy.  He didn't have many friends.  He was lonely and felt unloved.  This boy loved his mother dearly, and they were very close, but his dad drank, and so, this boy grew up longing for his father to pay attention to him---to care about him the way a father should.

Years went by, and this boy turned 11 years old.  Inside, he was empty and longed for love.  A man he trusted befriended him.  He told this boy that he loved him and they spent lots of time together. 

Then, this boy turned 12, and by now, trouble entered his life.  Things spiraled out of control.  This boy was in over his head.  He was trapped---caught in a situation he didn't know how to get out of.  His beloved mother became sick with cancer.  She was dying, and this boy loved her so much, he wanted to protect her in any way he could.

He kept silent.  He told no one what happened to him.  He held this pain inside for many years. 

He went off to college to learn to be a teacher.  He taught, he succeeded.  He turned 40, and met a friend.  This friend saw his pain and felt his tears.  She told him to get help. 

She encouraged him.  She cried for him.

Today, they are close friends.  He says that she was the only one who made any difference in his life.  Because she truly cared, and still does.

This story is true.  And the sad thing is, there are many like this boy in the world that feel alone, that wish they could trust someone to talk to.  To release their pain, their shame---and to know that what happened to them, was not their fault. 

But it goes on day after day...It's something we don't want to think about.  We want to bury it under the rug. 

Yet, we must be aware, because there are boys and men who are hurting right in front of us---they are everywhere---they're the face in the grocery store, your friend, your husband, your brother, your neighbor. 

They are victims of sexual abuse.  And they deserve to know they aren't alone.  They deserve life at its fullest. 

God's peace be with them all.  Thank you to all who care...

Perhaps you know someone like this...If you do, take time to listen and believe him.  He needs you.  All it takes is one person to open the door to healing. 

This story is about my friend.  I tell him how far he's come.  Praise God...It took many prayers, lots of time, and patience.  But it was worth it. 

One boy, one child, one man....He made it.  Praise God!