For the longest time I didn't feel like I needed to worry about myself. I wanted to make sure that my family was taken care of and that the kids and husband had everything they needed to get by in life. I never worried about myself. I felt like I was just fine if I could make their life good. I thought I was happy.

As you have read I had a breakdown last year and as I was healing and going through these crazy things, I realized that I needed to start doing things for myself. I needed to make things in my life happier. I started by doing some small things like getting showered and dressed each morning instead of staying in my pajamas all day. Also I joined a group for weight loss. Recently I joined a gym. I love going to the gym. It is an hour break from the craziness in life and it is healthy too! It is also a great feeling to release the tension that sometimes builds up after chasing three children around all day long.

This last week I decided to take a big break from life. I took a week long vacation to Ohio with a friend to visit another friend. We spent a week there. While there I of course still talked to my family but I didn't have to worry about finances, cleaning, work, lifes problems. It was a much needed break. I left being flustered and ready for a rest and I enjoyed my time there. We visited a theme park and did some things with our church. We also just hung out and talked. It was nice to not have the kids with us so that we could talk about anything and everything. It was a wonderful visit.

As much needed as it was, by the time I got home, I missed my kids so much. I begged them to stay awake if they could, until I got home. I came home and there was a big banner all the way across my living room saying, Welcome Home Mommy! I realized that life wasn't as bad and that I could do this every day.

I know for a fact that this trip was much needed and I am glad I took it. I feel refreshed and I love my family and am so much closer because I was away for a week. If I had a chance to do this once a year or even every other year I would do it.

I hope that everyone can take a little vacation when they feel like things are going out of control and that nothing is going to change. My attitude towards a lot of the things going on in my life is so much better than it was before I left.

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