See satan is as powerful as a raging meteor. Yet lower than God. Satan moves like a hovering tornado out of control from the sky onto dry land. He is knee deep in the soul and culture of mankind. He is a liar, I thought you might know. He is notorious and goes unseen to the eye. But people of moral knowledge and good conscious recognize him.
          With all the holidays of Catholic religion, satan has now a say in each. See as the world changes, and moves thee vast eons go by and mankind has built up civilizations and world nations strong and invincible. Yet he slowly but lamely catches up, and his league of demons make their mark. Examples - when Easter comes you have an easter bunny. When Christmas come, you have santa claus!? It has come so ridiculous and blasphemy that I cannot stand it no more.
         Where are the morals? Where is the line to not cross? But I guess this goes under the file and cateogory of the satan creeping into the human flesh world and ruining, tearing it up; destroying everything in his way. And there is nothing we can do, accept try to look out for our friends and loved ones.