Last week at church most of the message was on helping Haiti with its devasting Earthquake and what we can do to help.

Most times it is financial income that is always wanted and I realize it is needed however, those including myself have very limited income and find it extremely hard to even tithe.  I asked God what can I do?   Sure I can pray, which I do always for Haiti and their people.  Well, thoughts come running through my head and God stated to me, "Be faithful and listen to your heart.  You have blessed many in the past and you shall bless again at this time."
I thought about that and prayed upon it as I had no idea what God was meaning.  I was great at raising funds with getting fundraising events set up and helping others with their quest for Mission Trips.  Then, my church administration called me at work the other day and asked what I would like to do with my reserved funds that was set away for my missions trip?
That was the answer, I could give what I never realized I had set away.  Please forward this money to Haiti I replied happily and may God increase this money as a Blessing. 
I was so impressed that not only did I offer finances as most do but it truly was a gift given from God.

I pray that most people find ways to help Haiti in this time of sorrow and hurt.  I know God will use you and give you the answers that you also can help out his People of Haiti.  Open your eyes and listen with your ears as God reveals his desires that you can also assist.

Tim Gould