Today I finally stopped procrastinating and cleaned out the trunk of my car. There were all sorts of things back there, you would think I was living in there. I threw a lot of stuff away and I kept a few things here and there. I went through 3 large hefty bags of clothes that I have had for years. They are my "skinny"clothes. Things that I have not been able to fit into in almost 2 years. I have been hanging onto them thinking as soon as I lose the weight I will wear them again, well that has not happened so far. I took out a few (very few) treasured clothing items (mostly jeans, because how often do you find a really good pair of jeans that fit, and a couple of dresses I cant part with) and packed everything else away. I lugged those three bags right down to the Salvation Army. They need them way more than I do. Besides when I do lose weight (and I will) it will be way more fun to get some new "up to date" items. Another unexpected feeling arose from this cleaning out of my trunk. I realized how much of a compulsive shopper I used to be and how much debt and money trouble it go into. All those clothes, most I didnt even wear that much. Now that I am 100% debt free, it felt really good to get rid of all that stuff. It was like shedding a new skin. Today I feel MUCH more stable with my finances. Although I do look forward to eventually getting a new wardrobe, I know that I dont need to spend thousands on it. All in all, it was nice to do something for someone else as well as something for myself :)