Charity Work

Have you done any charity work lately that you want to blog about and share with others in hopes of inspiring them to do charity work of their own? Or do you know about charity work that others may not have thought about that you think you can share to let them know what is out there? This is the place for all blog posts related to charity work.
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The C. C. C. (Candy Cures Cancer)

How I went from ordanary to EXTRAordanary

rescueing homeless family

For your information

L.O.V.E. It Forward

Learn your purpose Organize your passion Volunteer your gift Engage your heart

Rake and run's

they are so much fun, and more people should do them.

Community Project Ideas

Here are a few ways in which we can make this project work. Let's share ideas. Anyone who has done something to help the community project can post here on how they did it.

Nice Charity

Making life easier step by step

Mittens for cold hands

Teach someone to knit. Make mittens for a child. Make mittens for an adult who cannot afford to buy a pair. Do this as a way of saying I care.
2nd annual Cheese-bread Fundraiser to help not only raise funds but awareness to the women in my life. I have been fund-raising for over 10 years now for the American Cancer Society and this is the 2nd year accepting donations and getting something sweet out of it :)

What I saw today...

Caritas in Austin - amazing help in a much needed time.
Having faced great loss with the death of his young son to AIDS, Joe Stern-McGovern, global agent and President of Universal Artists, International in partnership with Shaka Productions has taken a stand against the modern plague through vigorous and tireless dedication, by providing partial proceeds of company sales to various causes, and writing about his own personal loss.


Skipping ropes, child abuse, and tailor made dresses.

05.June.09, India

Exploring the Himalayan foothills.


Build A Home For Everyone Thru' Charity. I wonder if I can build a home (2 - 3 rooms), low cost thru' charity/ public donations. The donation will helps to build a house for those who need it. Donation can be as low as USD1.
Changing lives through exchanging coupons that you don't use for coupons you will use. Saving money helping people.

Lemonade Stand

A good idea would be to open a lemonade stand when your bored and donate the earnings to charity.

ConKerr Cancer - A Case For Smiles

ConKerr Cancer is blessed with a simple, clear mission – To make life brighter for children with life changing illnesses and injuries.

Sunkist Lemonade Stand was a Big Success!

Last Saturday we raised money to buy food for the animal rescue in our town, they were so happy.

Angels for Hope

Request a crocheted angel be sent to someone you know that is injured or chronically ill, or someone who has lost hope. Or be a volunteer that makes them, read more. . .


My close friends and I are looking to volunteer our time to children's hospitals.

Allison's Quilts

Nothing says love like a hand made quilt. I decided to make very special quilts for very special babies.
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