Allison's Quilts

My granddaughter spent her first eleven months hospitalized at Children's Hospital in Philadelphia. Allison was born with heart defects so severe, after 18 surgical procedures we learned only a transplant could save her life. Eight months after tiny Allison was born, she had her new heart and finally came home 3 months later.

The majority of the babies in the cardiac ward where she was had been flown in from other hospitals. Most of the parents had nothing with them except the clothes on their backs and sometimes had to borrow scrubs from hospital personnel so they could get into something clean. My daughter told me it always bothered her seeing most of the parents had nothing pretty to put on their babies. 

I decided to make quilts and send them there. I've made over 100 quilts in preemie, infant and toddler sizes and each one has a small tag that says Allison's Quilts. Inside the tag, I explain that each quilt is made with love and prayer and that each is like no other, just like their own darling baby.